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Stories Behind The Songs


Please listen to Ricki Bellos tell the "Stories Behind The Songs".  In these approximately 5-minute audios, she explains how each song was conceived, and how they developed, including excerpts from the songs.



Do It Right
If I Close My Eyes
If I Ever Saw You Again
If This Is Love
Buffalo Alice
If I Find You
Why Can't You Say I Love You
Out Of Place
Wish You Well


Let Me In
They'll Never Know
Dividing Up
On Your Own
Lost On A Breeze
Let You Go
Nothing I've Done
You Run
Everything I Feel
Earth, Peace, Love
No Long Goodbyes
Can't Say It Enough

Thank you for listening to our Stories Behind The Songs.  We hope you enjoy them.  Coming soon:  Stories Behind The Songs for our 14-song TECOS CD, so please check back here.


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